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Best Towel Warmer Reviews Of 2020

Are you here because you are looking for the best towel warmer? If so, then we assure you that you have arrived at the right point.

The towel warmer has become a popular product in many households and commercial premises, as they are items that are appealing and useful.


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sharndy Towel Warmer

Sharndy Electric 

WarmlyYours Towel Warmer

WarmlyYours 10 Bar

Elite Hot Towel Cabinet

Elite Hot Cabinet

LCM 6-Bar Freestanding Towel Warmer

LCM 6-Bar

There are many types of towel warmers in the market, and this variety can often make the choice seem more overwhelming than it should be.

However, above types of products are available on the market as far. You can easily pick the right and suitable one for you. You should buy a suction towel cup bar for hanging your towel.

Towel Warmer Choosing Guide Of 2020

However, below are factors one need to consider before choosing a towel warmer. First you need know about types of towel warmer.

These are made with various types and styles so before choosing a towel warmer, you should know about types and which is suitable for you.

  • Usability

Establish that the towel warmer you want to buy has a decent selection of features and that all features are simple to utilize.

What’s more, ensure that all the highlights offered by the towel warmer can be utilized by anyone in your home. This improves the overall usability of the product. 

When putting your resources into a towel warmer, you will want to buy a product that gives effective results and has safety measures.

  • Size & capacity

Towel warmers for the house are accessible in various sizes and designs. This encourages shoppers to select an ideal towel warmer for their house, which not only helps keep towels warm but as well coordinates with the interiors of your bathroom. 

In this sense, you can purchase a valuable product that matches well with the looks of the room where you want to set your towel warmer.

Also, ensure the towel warmer is large enough to house all of your towels. Choose a warmer with substantial bars, as the bars also play a crucial role.

  • Timer

Another crucial factor to remember when buying a home towel warmer. A towel warmer with a timer function will help you purchase a solid, energy-efficient and safe warmer tool. 

Most times, a towel warmer comes with a basic power button that can be utilized during times of emergency. Consider this too.

If you buy an effective and safe product, you can certainly use it for a considerable period without maintenance or problems.

Top 10+ Best Towel Warmer Reviews Of 2020

After considering the above factor, you can read our expert reviews for choosing the best and suitable one from the market. below are the best towel warmer in 2020 and beyond.

We picked various types of best and top rated 10+ products for reviewing. Hope you can pick the suitable one from the market by reading our honest reviews.

The WarmlyYour 10-bar towel warmer is a great towel warmer product for people those individuals who are looking for a strong and smaller towel warmer for their houses.

The warmer will also make your bathroom look beautiful and attractive.

  • Evenly spaced

Warmlyyours warmer arrives with 10 evenly spaced stainless steel bars that can warm two big towels or bathrobes twice at ago.

  • Comes with a timer and a cord-free

This item arrives with a timer, the timer will help you operate and turn the warmer on or off automatically.

The warmer also comes with a cord-free structure that mounts legitimately to the wall for an efficient space plan.

  • Does not rust

The bars of the product is straight and manufactured out of corrosion and erosion resistant hardened steel, this is beneficial as it helps you clean the warmer quickly and easy.

  • Warranty

The product comes with a 2- year warranty.


  • A programmed timer can turn it on and off
  • The bars are uniformly distributed
  • Accessible in a variety of sizes
  • Simple to clean
  • Simple to set and install


  • The product may come with an excluded advertised timer
  • Sometimes not all parts of the towel are heated

This electric towel warmer has ten crossbars that help enhance the drying process, the product is also created with hardened grade 304 steel and is wrapped in brushed or clean hardened steel.

  • Perfect design

The product is large and rectangular in size and shape respectively. Due to this size and shape, more towels can be upholstered.

  • Solid and long-lasting

This product is hardwired; therefore, prompting you to call an electrician to set it in your bathroom.

The warmer is also manufactured from 18/8 tempered steel for strong and long-lasting structure and uses a dry component to fully heat the towels.

  • Horizontal and vertical bars are heated 

On the other hand, the product has 31-inch horizontal and vertical bars for even heat distribution throughout the garments and alternatively, you may utilize this product to dry the towels after every shower.


  • The huge design can hold many towels.
  • 10 crossbars to heat and dry predominantly
  • Very successful in towel heating


  • The towel warmer produces too much too hot, that can burn.

This electric towel warmer transforms your lifestyle into lasting comfort and convenience.

Its scrupulous structure gives 12 bars for extravagant hot towels after bathing, and also warming them and keeping them fresh immediately after use or wash. 

The Heatgene towel warmer covers the cable carefully and adapts perfectly to its stylistic design.

  • Space-saving and wall mounting

This towel warmer is an ideal answer for hot towels for your house. The wall-mounted structure expands your footprint and adapts to its stylistic design thanks to its advanced style.

It is not only the ideal warmer for the bathroom but also a great improvement.

  • Quick heating and protection against heating

This device heats the towels within 15 minutes after switching on and reaches the ideal temperature of 149 ° F in a range of 40 to 45 minutes. A wet towel dries in 2-6 hours.

The internal regulator supports can the temperature of 65 ° C, which preserves vitality and does not prevent overheating or cause the towel to scorch.

It is anti- flammable, antibacterial and does not cause mold and it’s made to throughout the day.

  • 2 Years warranty 

The towel warmer comes with a two-year warranty. With this, you are sure and peaceful that if the product breaks, you will return it to the manufacturer.


  • Simple to clean
  • Energy efficient
  • There is no noise during operation


  • It takes a lot of time to distribute heat and warm the towel, regardless of having 8 bars.

Amba is the largest organization to make these products to the globe. In a few months, Amba will turn out to be top world towel warmer manufacturers in the world.

The basic objective of the Amba manufacturer was to design the best items to meet customer needs.

This product apart from changing the style of your room, it as well offers a good usage within a reasonable degree.

  • Heat up quickly

The Amba is a towel warmer with ten bars, curved and an integrated on/off switch. The heater has both horizontal and vertical racks that help spread heat more evenly.

And it generates approximately 150 watts of intensity and takes 15 minutes to heat up.

  • It is a plugin model

This implies that the model has minimal wiring, and additionally it adapts perfectly with timers.

Timers help switches off the product when not in use. The warmer supports and dries two towels at the same time.


  • Takes 15 minutes to Heats up
  • When switched on, both horizontal and vertical heats up
  • It has minimal wiring


  • Regardless of having a large space, it heats only two towels.

To add an extra touch and style to your bathroom, buy this towel warmer product. This product comes with polished, hardened steel parts and the curved racks to improve the style of your bathroom; making it look more of an in-home-style spa with gently warmed towels.

  • 9 bar structure

This product has 9 different bars to enhance thermal distribution and arrives with a measurement of 24 x 32 x 9 inches making it ideal in medium and large-sized toilets. This Riviera towel warmer offers sufficient space for 2 towels.

  • Sturdy stainless steel

The bars are curved and require minimal maintenance, this is due to the product coming with hardened solid steel with a brushed finish for simple and quick cleaning.

  • Hardwired​​​​

This 120V warmer, wall-mounted and hardwired towel heater, provides 150 watts to heat your towels safely and smoothly.

  • Integrated on / off switch

The Riviera has an integrated on / off switch. This model can also be combined with an automatic timer (which you buy separately) that allows you to set the time when to heat your towel.


  • It contains a timer for automatic turning off
  • Wiring for cordless use
  • The heat generated can burn you


  • A little too hot
  • It can burn your towel

This completely clean towel warmer made of tempered steel with 10 bar keeps the towels warm and dry throughout the year.

The heated towel is vitally productive and costs less than other dryers. The partition mounting rail does not have enough space.

This simple structure allows you to place it anywhere in the toilet. The rails are provided with a hermetic on/off switch for easy access.

  • Wall Mounted Design

With this model you can save a lot of space with minimum space requirements, and it is ideal for your loft, your home, and other small spaces.

  • Functional design

You can not only use this towel to heat a towel, but also to quickly dry swimsuits in the pool after a spring day, or to heat a blanket during winter before snuggling on the couch.


  • Simple to set
  • Takes less space


  • A little too hot
  • It can burn your towel

This is the best office towel warmer that possesses all the capacities to be the top towel heater in the compact class. The Elite Hot Towel, Mini cabinet is aimed exclusively at buyers looking for an excellent towel warmer with numerous highlights and configuration advantages.

  • Small and helpful

Unlike the previous model, this product is a bit small and therefore beneficial for people who a limited space in their bathrooms. Due to the small size, it has small housing retention, that is, twelve small towels, which correspond to six conventional towels.

  • It has an internal regulatory control

The control board contains an internal controller for control. This internal regulator ensures that the unit heats up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

This highlight of the control at this point allows you to pre-program this towel warmer. Preprogramming leads to precise heating of the towels to reach the desired temperature.

  • Exclusive use within the frame to control the heating

Similar to the previous Elite towel warmer, it uses exclusive thermal control systems. These frames ensure that towels are not overheated or scorched.

Consequently, they guarantee that you can stack your towels, close the office entrance, turn on the electricity and keep your towels safe.


  • Effectively heats towels
  • It has an internal regulator
  • Appropriate for small spaces
  • Guaranteed no scorching or overheating
  • Advantageous, reliable and seductive aspect


  • Small space

Numerous house owners have been looking for this towel warmer, which has been available since its inception to the market due to its adaptability and accommodation at an exceptionally low price.

This is a product you can use for a remarkable presentation. The following is a powerful review of the item and what is in stock when you get it.

  • The extreme temperature of up to 50 degrees Celsius

Due to the high temperatures, this unit can heat towels in 30 minutes. This means that you can shower and look for a warm towel when you're done.

  • Simple installation

As the name implies, this is not compatible, which means a simple configuration. You only need to mount the sections on the wall, and lastly use it.

  • Economical

This device almost does not need the energy to heat the towels, a reality that makes it perfect to keep the towels warm without interruptions.

It is made to operate continuously without contacting the change to change temperatures.


  • Deeply moderated
  • Ergonomic plan
  • Perfect for use in humid climates
  • Keeps towels warm and roasted for a long time
  • Simple to use and set


  • It takes too long to heat.

This  is a small and has curved racks, this enables the towels to be stacked. To add on, the device is available both as a hardwired and as a module and depends on your requirements.

  • Energy efficient

The product uses 120 V, 60 Hz / 45 W: this makes it cost-effective and advantageous for keeping your towels dry and hot.

  • 4 polished chrome stainless steel bars

This component is crucial for uniform heat dissipation. Simply place the towel on the 4-bars holder and turn on the switch so that the heated towel rail performs all the necessary heating process. However, you should heat one towel at a time.


  • Light and small
  • Arrives in a module or custom design


  • Not such hot

The product transforms your home into an extravagant spa as soon as it is presented. Having 8 hanging racks that you can use to put many things and, which consumes only 150 watts of power, is ideal for drying garments or towels on chilly days.

  • Perfect design

The splitter bracket configuration is the ideal option for those with small space. You can choose between filigree and design designs.

All products have a dazzling chrome completion, which as well increases its splendor and shields it from rust.

  • Measurement

This product measures twenty-four inches in length and has a width of 39.5 inches, which is suitable for any room.

It arrives in a suitcase along with a 7-foot-long power cord and an illuminated on/off switch, as well as the guide manual and is set kit. 

The whole product weighs only 30 kg, which implies you can move it to any place without much effort.

  • Warranty

The product arrives with a 1-year limited warranty. This enables you to dry your garments without any stress.

The device has the capability of operating 24 hours a day, making sure ensuring that everything that is put on is dry enough, regardless of the outside weather.

It is also surprising that it can make your towels as hot as the ones you get from the neighborhood spa.


  • Incredible features that make the item a great show perfect for the house
  • An attractive and seductive chrome coating that complements any stylistic metalwork


  • The covering is easily distorted
  • The temperature is not customizable.

Last on our list is another electric towel warmer, which can also transform your room into an spa experience. Coming in hard wired design and with inbuilt timer, mounting, and operating this unit will not be a problem.

  • Hard wired

If you have a busy life then, this is the unit to consider. With this best electric, there will be no need to wait for your electrician. It is simple mount and it won’t take most of remodeling time.

  • Built in timer

We all want to make our live as comfortable as possible.  The Brandon basics can help you achieve that to some extent.

Being the only towel warmer on the market with in-built timer, with just a touch of buttons you will programme how far the warming should continue.


  • Built in timer and led indicator saves time
  • Hardwired  makes it simple to install and operate


  • It costs bit higher than some of the units on the list.

How to Install a Towel Warmer


In this regard, if you are searching for a towel warmer, above are the best and top options to select from. You can look at brookstone cabinet warmer as well as.

The products are easy to use, simple to install, durable and comes with the best and safe features.

If you have any query and want to know something about towel warmers please let us know. Share this article with your lovely one.

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