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Kohler Highline Classic Toilet Review

A poor bathroom indicates continuous difficulties as well as low-level aggravation. However, a great bathroom implies that existence continues because typical, without any frustration as well as small believed directed at the standard of the house’s amenities. The actual Kohler Highline Traditional is an affordable as well as accessible bathroom and it is one of many lavatories that you’ll frequently experience unboxed as well as upon show in your home Depot, amongst additional house facilities. When it comes to supplying fundamental features from an inexpensive, having a reasonably easy setup, the actual Highline Traditional might just end up being exactly what you are searching for. Nevertheless, you will need to learn about a few of the Highline Classic’s idiosyncratic functions which make a sub-standard item.

Kohler Highline Classic Description

The actual Kohler Highline Traditional is a two-piece elongated bathroom obtainable in whitened or even cookie colors. The actual two-piece a part of Kohler’s explanation implies that this can be a traditional bathroom having an individual container that you simply affix to the rear. This is as opposed to the bathroom that’s been producing its method into homes recently, the actual one-piece bathroom. Since the title explains, the actual second option is a bathroom that’s a single device, container effortlessly mounted on the actual dish.

The actual Highline Traditional is an elongated bathroom, therefore the dish is a lot lengthier however just somewhat broader. Not just that, the actual elongated function boosts the complete period of the bathroom. (from the rear walls towards the external entrance advantage from the toilet). This is something to bear in mind whenever setting up the bathroom. inside a little restroom. Overall, restroom rules need no less than twenty-one in. associated with clearance between your entrance from the bathroom and also the nearest blockage, like walls, bath, or even bathtub. 30 in. associated with clearance offers a much more comfy quantity of room.
Kohler promotes the actual Highline Traditional because “The Total Answer, inch the idea becoming that you could consider the actual solitary container house as well as set up the surrounded bathroom and never have to buy any kind of add-ons. Resources aren’t incorporated.

Highline Classic Specifications

  • This bathroom operates 29-1/2 in . in the back again walls towards the furthermost advantage from the bathroom. By comparison, a regular bathroom is all about 28-1/2 in. lengthy. Should you have a normal size bathroom, you will observe the actual elongation and can most likely be thankful. Even though the actual elongation offers only one extra in ., it’s a good in. which matters about a lot.
  • The Highline Classic’s gallons for each get rid of (GPF) score is 1. twenty-eight. This is the eco-friendly regular that might be along with virtually every bathroom offered right now in your own home Depot.
  • The Highline Classic’s edge elevation is 16-1/2 in. which signifies the edge elevation that’s becoming increasingly regular. Kohler’s phone calls this particular “chair-height” with a capacity of.
  • When Kohler states how the Highline Traditional is a “Complete Answer, inch these people imply that, combined with the container as well as dish, you obtain the chair, cover, polish diamond ring, as well as T-bolts. You’d anticipate the very first 2 products along with numerous lavatories, however, the final 2 products tend to be types that you simply might usually buy individually. It’s worth observing, as well, which a few lavatories don’t include the actual chair as well as the cover. The actual versatile drinking water provides collection isn’t incorporated with the actual Highline Traditional, neither is this particular item incorporated with other lavatories. This is usually another buy along with any kind of bathroom because measures differ based on the particular customer’s requirements.
  • The Highline Classic’s chair as well as the cover comes with a simple on/off procedure. This means that the actual chair as well as the cover can slip away to help to cleanse. You don’t have to unscrew something. Have you ever invested period attempting to clean up around the joint region but still not setting it up thoroughly clean, you might such as this function. Observe that both plastic material angles for that mounting bolts perform stay once you slip from the seat/lid, therefore you’ve still got individuals interferences.


The actual Kohler Highline Classic’s set up procedure is reasonably simple. For those who have set up lavatories before, the procedure is approximately just like along with every other bathroom. Nevertheless, the actual Highline Traditional which was examined does possess numerous problems that created set up harder compared to it will happen to be.

About the also aspect, the actual individual elements tend to be fairly gentle as well as convenient to carry after they tend to be from the container. Products tend to be well-organized as well as, aside from 1 portion of the procedure, the actual directions tend to be obvious.

Directions tend to be hazy regarding affixing the actual container towards the bowl/base device. The actual Kohler Highline Traditional offers gasketed mounting bolts about the base from the container that seems lengthy sufficient to increase with the installation openings about the bathroom dish. However, in the manner how the bathroom is delivered, the actual mounting bolts aren’t lengthy sufficient. Rather, individuals gasketed mounting bolts have to by hand have no choice but back to the actual container so the container may correctly affix to the bathroom. dish.
An additional concern is actually how the examined Highline Traditional didn’t deliver using the required equipment about affixing the actual chair towards the dish bottom, though it had been the factory-sealed container. Kohler declined to deliver alternative equipment, saying how the bathroom will have to end up being uninstalled, cleaned out, as well as came back towards the host to buy to have a whole alternative.

Lastly, numerous lavatories include 2 models associated with a different way size mounting bolts about the installation of the bathroom. towards the wardrobe flange. The actual Highline Traditional, although, includes just one group of lengthy mounting bolts, which might involve reducing from the finishes from the mounting bolts having a hacksaw or perhaps a multi-tool.


The actual Kohler Highline Traditional is among the most reasonably priced name-brand lavatories available at House Depot. The actual lavatories the majority of similar to the actual Highline Traditional tend to be House Depot’s long-standing bestsellers, Glacier These types of versions N2316 or even N2430E. Nevertheless, simply because Glacier These types of is homemade of House Depot, costs about the Glacier These types of lavatories tend to be around 50-percent much less.


If you are the bathroom proprietor that has to strategy bathroom flushing procedures within several phases, you may be very happy to realize that the actual Highline Traditional will an incredible work associated with flushing big lots of solids, as well as document in a single, get rid of. Though it is a traditional gravity-fed bathroom, it’s sufficient energy it reacts nearly just like a pressure-assisted bathroom.

If you’re an extremely trim individual, or even about kids, the bigger bathroom chair (and therefore a bigger bathroom opening) may be an unpleasant match, since the individual while using bathroom might not feel safe.

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